7 Great Games To Play on The 4th Of July

Ah yes it is the 4th Of July here in America and besides eating BBQ & lighting off fireworks we figured since it has been so dry here with all the heatwaves why not just stay inside and still eat BBQ w/o creating wild fires you could play some of these games that we believe … Continue reading

Celebrate The 4th Of July W/ This new Assassins Creed Trailer

Assassins Creed 4th Of July Trailer where the song Amazing Grace has never looked so beautiful.

Features We Want & Need In The Next-Gen consoles

With this generation bringing us a whole bunch of great gaming experiences & content from Infamous to Assassins creed, Heavy Rain to L.A. Noire,DLC to Microtransactions, & Gears of War to Uncharted and many other features this generation has offered us we all have to be thinking as this generation is slowly coming to an end what will … Continue reading

How Microsoft could win E3 2012

With E3 2012 fastly approaching we here at FeaturedGaming decided to take a look at how it is possible for Microsoft to finally win at E3 and what they need to do after 2yrs of terrible press conferences and basically taking the backseat at E3 like Nintendo did when they toughted about the Wii’s success but … Continue reading

Halo’s Legacy & Why we’re excited for Master Chiefs return Pt.1

FeaturedGaming- Over the next 6 months leading up to the ”highly anticipated” launch of Halo 4 FeaturedGaming will be getting you more pumped for the game as we look at the legacy Halo has already left on the video game industry and how it helped to shape some of your favorite shooters today. Along with … Continue reading